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Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
the complaint as he always does. he'll have more at the top of the hour. and samsung will be allowed to sell its gallaxy it tablet in te united states. a court is removing a temporary sales ban on the twice. and samsung has filed a motion against apple saying that iphone 5 infringed on some of its patents. >> tit for tat. >> exactly. and boeing -- some words are for cable. i'd say probably -- >> tit for tat, there's nothing wrong with that. >> if you comfortable saying that. >> i am. >> you know how they cut everything romney says, they cut out all the stuff on both sides of it? all we'll have for you is saying it tit, tit. remember faber, remember what he said? >> yes. the work on his finger. and you let him -- >> no, he stopped right after -- >> he stopped right after you said you what? >> yeah, anyway, boeing engineers and technical workers -- >> who did we have on last week who had a fluffer? >> a fluff off line of clothes. >> right, lululemon. >> is it not lululemon? >> in france it is. >> yeah, it is. what's happening here? the workers are voting to reject the pay offer from boeing. talks
Sep 25, 2012 5:00pm PDT
have and as the technology like the samsung galaxy and must be loaded with the software program designed to rebuff transit agencies. >> division construction is well under way on the new 49ers stadium. elise year read is live in santa clara with details on a special tour. >> there have not been many opportunities for the public to see what is going on inside of the stadium as it is being built. today, we had a chance to see that construction has mark. the frames except a little over 100 ft.. the project executive says four more stories will be built on top of that. >> we are told that this is a very aggressive schedule but they are on track to be open for the 2014 season. >> temperatures were about the same as what we saw out there yesterday. here is a live look outside from our roof camera. temperatures right now are all close to the coastline. so we are vortices more widespread fog coverage into tomorrow. >>pam: several students at high-school are under arrest. the president calls for peace after tensions between the old west and the middle east continued to erupt in and
Sep 28, 2012 12:35am EDT
here. the samsung galaxy s3. ♪ [applause] craig: my first guest tonight is a beautiful actress. she is in that film "that's what she said." geoff: what? craig: that's the film. that's the name of the film. "that's what she said." geoff: what? craig: "that's what she said." it is in theaters october 19. please welcome anne heche, everybody! [applause] anne, you look sensational. >> that's what she said. hey, come on! craig: i really wanted to touch you but i can't, well in a sort of welcome. i would -- [laughter] you ever take the cold medication? >> achoo. craig: do you a cold? >> no, but i know you do. craig: i have kids. >> you want to take the drugs. it just doesn't feel good does it? when you have kids, it is such a bummer. craig: they bring them home on purpose. >> i'm sure it is their fault. craig: i'm thur the 2-year-old goes to the preschool. they go there. i want to take something home. you stick your finger in this. [laughter] >> that's what she said. [laughter] [applause] geoff: that was wonderful. craig: it was pretty good actually. be careful because you're going to sta
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
beat himself up, originally tipping europe. yes, i picked europe to win, i also picked samsung over apple, the wicked witch over dorothy and savannah state over florida. i
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)